Every One Needs "Office Space" at Home

We are all living in a new normal as we step into fall with remote school and the commitment for many to work from home. Covid-19 took us from our cubicles to our couches. While some offices are calling employees back to the workplace, plenty of professionals are still working remotely for the foreseeable future. For those of us who have young kids at home, we face an added challenge as many schools will be using remote learning this new school year. While work-life balance is a constant struggle, but there is one thing that can help.

Each adult and child in your home should have an "office space." If you have school-aged kids, give them each a corner of the house that's dedicated to schoolwork and summer projects. For those who are challenged to find the space to set up a classroom or a home office, consider our Stow Away Desk, which assembles quickly. And can be tucked behind a door or under a couch at the end of the school/workday. If you have to carve out space that is needed during down hours, the desks can provide structure and a landing spot for students and offer ample space to spread out work from the office.

Keep all technology, pens, papers, and schoolwork in one spot, and when it's "work" time, desks go up, and this space can help your kids stay focused and disciplined. And the same goes for working from home.

Working from home and holding eager children at bay while accomplishing that work can be a challenge. Our Stow Away Desk can be set up in the bedroom or basement to give you the privacy you need. If you're out of sight and out of mind from your kids, they're more likely to let you work.

If everyone in the family has their unique "desk space," then it will be much easier to keep clear boundaries when work is on your mind, and they need to focus on school work.