Kimberly and Ryan Battle are founders of Battle Design Studio and designers of the Stow Away Desk. As a result of the pandemic, they found themselves, along with millions of families, dealing with the unexpected challenge of children learning from home. Virtual learning creates stress and anxiety as parents navigate, becoming teachers, and finding space in the house for a classroom.

Fortunately for the Battle family, quarantine fueled creativity! Woodworking has always been a hobby of Ryan’s, so he immediately began work on a design for a collapsible desk. He formulated a model that, when taken apart, can fit behind a door or under a bed and be easily reassembled when needed for virtual learning. Within days the idea became a reality, and they had a solution for their kindergartener.

As an entrepreneur, Ryan’s apparent next thought was how the Stow Away Desk could provide a solution for other families in the same predicament. The idea expanded to include virtual learning, homeschooling needs, and adults working from home. Battle Design Studio is now proudly building and selling the Stow Away Desk in three different sizes to accommodate the varying needs of so many stuck at home for the foreseeable future.